Happy Clients

mary-o'donohueMary O’Donohue

Mary O’Donohue.com

Every time I look at my new web site, I’m in awe. It’s so clean and elegant – exactly what I wanted, and Melissa made it happen so beautifully with her attention to detail, flawless good taste, and top notch design skills. With every decision throughout the process, her instincts were always right on. She’s a designer who can be trusted to take the client’s vision and exceed expectations. You can look at my web site and tell immediately it was created by a fantastic designer. What you can’t see, is that Melissa is also a fantastic person, who makes the entire process a delight. I highly recommend her!


KellyS-RoundKelly Santos
Owner, Silver Spoon Bakery
Silver Spoon Bakery.com

I would highly recommend Melissa’s work. I am beyond satisfied. A+ all ’round.

Before working with Melissa, our site was seriously outdated – the look and feel didn’t reflect the growing business we have become and it didn’t present the right image to our clients. It was hard to navigate, not very informative, and overall just not aesthetically pleasing. When you specialize in gourmet treats, you want to showcase them and our website failed to do that.

Being a business owner, time is precious and Melissa made it SO, SO easy to get my website up and running in no time at all. We didn’t need time intensive meetings, or calls, everything was done through email quickly and efficiently.

Melissa understood our marketing and sales goals and kept that in mind every step of the way. When I mentioned wanting to focus on promoting a certain aspect of our business, she suggested ways to modify our website in order to drive sales in that area. It was helpful to have an objective, outside expert opinion. She added many calls to action and we’ve actually seen an increase in inquiries since the site went live.


Mary-Jane-BeginMary Jane Begin
Illustrator, Children’s Book Author

For me, creating a new web presence felt like a herculean task, akin to taxes and matching all the socks: something to avoid until you just can’t. Melissa made the whole experience collaborative, inventive and… dare I say it, FUN!! She was so incredibly easy to work with, quick to solve problems, always brimming with ideas, and endlessly enthusiastic about the story I wanted to tell with my site. She is professional and friendly in just the right balance, making our conversations easy and free form.

As a Professor at RISD, and freelance children’s book author/illustrator, I won’t hesitate to share with anyone who needs help that she’s my go to person for solving problems and getting it right.


Nancy-SmithNancy Jane Smith
Anxiety Counselor/Coach | Live Happier

I immediately felt heard, safe, and valued. I knew right from the start everything was going to be ok. I struggle with giving feedback, and Melissa really encouraged me to share my thoughts because she wanted this to be the site of my dreams. I was blown away by the speed of their responsiveness and the ability to take my crazy ideas and make them into something beautiful. I honestly couldn’t have designed a better relationship to build my perfect site.


Sally-Colella-Testimonial Sally Colella
Principal, Colella & Associates | SallyColella.com

Melissa is an amazing website designer and all-around technology coach for me. She completely understood me and designed a beautiful website after just few conversations. I have referred Melissa to a number of friends and colleagues who are eager to discover who designed my site. On an ongoing basis she provides coaching and advice on a range of issues that help my coaching business thrive.


melanie-t-testimonialMelanie Taljaard
Principal Marketer | More In Store

I hired Melissa for WordPress updates and maintenance, business support, writing/editing, and graphics. I would recommend Melissa because she is efficient, easy to work with, and always exceed expectations with quick turnaround and strong project management.


bonnie-a-testimonialBonnie Ayers-Namkung
SEO Copywriter

I’m a copywriter and I brought Melissa in to build a fresh, modern website in WordPress for my client. The law firm is thrilled with the results and so am I. And her prompt communication and efficient problem solving made the process a pleasure, as well as making me look good.


Lillie-DignanLille Dignan
The Bright Studio

Melissa was the best find of the year for my business. As a WordPress designer + developer, it’s been such a joy to find a team that offers support in BOTH creative and technical work. Working together on a few WordPress website setups, I was sold! Melissa’s thoughtful questions and careful attention to details is what my work demands, and their team delivers. (Having Melissa just an email away is the secret weapon in the back of my mind as I’ve continued with new projects!)

The best part? It’s such a pleasure recommending Melissa to my clients for ongoing support with their WordPress websites. I can rest easy knowing that my clients will be well cared for – and that they will be as happy with Melissa as I am!