Melissa BlackI’m a web designer by day, and a new artist by night.

A New Englander through and through, I grew up in Massachusetts and spent many years in the Southeastern part of the state. I live in Rhode Island now, which offers access to either the coast or city life in less than an hour – where ever you start from. They don’t call it “Little Rhody” for nothing!

I met the love of my life, Bob, in 2006, and married him on a beach in Aruba in 2009. Among many other wonderful things, he’s a lover of photography – and he’s responsible for all the photos on this website!

I’ve got two brothers, and 5 nephews – all of whom I adore even more than lemon squares.

I love to read, and my Goodreads goal this year is 35. Yikes.

I’m an INFJ and a Sagittarius – which is good for my web design clients, because that means I’m an honest, optimistic, perfectionist.

Things that are important to me: Art and expression, equality, care and feeding of our planet, and compassion for our fellow humans and animals.

Think we should be friends? Me too! Find me on the socials – let’s talk art, design, books, or unlikely and adorable animal pals:

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