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Mary O'Donoohue     Live Happier     Toll Gate Radiology     Linda Booth Sweeney

Colman Macdonald 176     Silver Spoon Cropped     Tell Me The Day Backwards     Sally Colella

Priority Coaching     Mary Jane Begin     Live Happier Loft     Lisa Gabardi

WordPress Design

Interested in web design?

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I feel so fortunate to be able to work with people who put goodness and positivity into the world. This work, for me, is rewarding for many reasons: I get to be creative, I get to make something that reflects my clients’ good work, and I get to know some very special people. Together, we build a distinctive space on the web that expresses their vision, while providing a pleasant and easy-to-navigate experience for visitors. Want to know what they have to say? See my Happy Clients here.

Think you and I should make something together? Me too! Let me know what you have in mind.

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Creative Consulting

You want your website to be attractive and effective. You also want everything that has your logo on it to be cohesive and true to your brand.

Want to brainstorm ways that your website and sales and marketing materials could be more compelling?

Let’s talk about how we can work together to bring your website up to date, create beautiful e-books and opt-in gifts, or how to bring it all together so that when someone has their eyes on something you made, there is no doubt it came from you.

Contact me to schedule a “getting to know you” call!

WordPress Support

Websites need ongoing care!

Need Support?

WordPress frequently releases software updates. Do you know how to update to the latest version without affecting your site’s customization?

In a perfect world, your site is protected from hackers and web host failures. You need to prepare for the imperfect days; backup all site files and content on a routine basis.

Plugin developers and theme developers regularly release updates that keep them current with the most recent version of WordPress. This is great – it keeps everything nice and compatible. Usually, it goes pretty smoothly, but sometimes plugins and themes don’t play very well together.

You have work to do—You don’t have time for this, but we do.

The WordPress Healthy Site Maintenance Package:

  • Weekly site backup
  • Weekly update of installed plugins
  • Update of WordPress and installed theme as needed
  • Monitor plugins to ensure they’re still functioning and supported + make recommendations for replacements if necessary
  • Correct broken links


Basic Maintenance Package
$69/mo for 6 months or more

Maintenance Plus – includes one hour of additional maintenance (minor copy changes, new blog posts or pages, modify navigation, etc.)
$109/mo for 6 months or more

Your WordPress site has been good to you. Give back some of that love by keeping it nice and healthy.

Contact me to get started on your maintenance plan!